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Alpaca Classic Crew Sweater

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The Alpaca Classic Crew Sweater is designed with a raglan fit and is the perfect combination of style and comfort. Made in a Fair Trade factory in Peru with a soft blend of undyed and unbleached Superfine Alpaca and Organic locally-grown Cotton.

Our partners in Peru support the permanent development of a sustainable industry that treats each Alpaca with care and dignity. The Alpacas are gently sheared once a year, which is beneficial because it keeps them cool during the summer months, removes parasites, and prevents infections and diseases. The fiber does not contain any oil or lanolin, which makes it hypoallergenic.

- 56% Superfine Alpaca, 44% Organic Cotton
- Dry Clean Only

Please note that there can be slight differences in the coloration of our products across different fabrications. To ensure no color discrepancy in your set, we recommend that you opt for purchasing a set in the same fabric.