John Day Moss Agate Saari Ring

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Hand cut and shaped john day moss agate

Recycled sterling silver / Recycled brass

Take good care of your pieces when in and near water — removing them before showering, swimming, etc. is smart. Exposure to salt air and salt water may encourage a green patina (and deep joy) — to brighten greening metal, simply polish with a soft cloth.

As you wear your pieces, they will naturally develop a rich, lived-in patina. If you prefer brighter brass, polish with a soft cloth to return glow.

Penny Brite, an eco-friendly metal cleaner, is a wonderful addition to your soft cloth polishing.

Lemon is another natural brightener: juice half of a lemon into one cup of water, then add a teaspoon of salt — stir to dissolve. Drop pieces in your lemony elixir until desired brightness, then remove. Rinse, then dry completely.