February 17, 2015

Wildfox- She's a Gypsy Spring 2015

By Casey Nicol

Wildfox did it again! Another beautiful photo shoot for their Spring 2015 collection "She's a gypsy". I love everything about it, the styling, the models, the location is so perfect!

 When asked by Fashion Gone Rogue about the inspiration behind the ‘Gyspy’ collection, Wildfox Founder Kimberley Gordon explained:

This past year was quite a turbulent one for me, and it seems maybe for the world also! I think I had this overall feeling of wanting to escape and live off the land, I visualized a group of girls with a whole lot of passion and fearlessness and absolutely nothing to lose. They would beg, borrow, steal their way through countries, hypnotizing boys and working odd jobs to make a little money. Their lives were only for each other and themselves.

There was a freedom in the collection, a way for me to feel it along with them even though I worked harder than ever to bring it to life! Also this is a nod to my festival loving 20s, there is something so carefree about your early 20s, and I just missed this feeling of electricity, about being able to run off at the last-minute, quit your job and not look back… or just take a risk with something big, your 30s you carry evidence of your 20s… like beautiful, luxurious baggage, I love my baggage and I wanted to give a nod to it with this collection.

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