Living in the ‘right now’.

When founder Laura Glover left her hometown of Chicago, she started a journey that would travel through her past, present and future… but it all started with saying ‘yes’ in the moment. An avid music lover and DIY fashion kid, she set out for California to find her place in LA’s style scene.

Daydreamer clothes are inspired by Laura’s story and belief in ‘living in the moment’. Being present is about boldness, bridging the familiar with the unknown, and indulging yourself.

Making it iconic.

Rock is so much more than music. It’s a mindset. To be connected to the history of the genre, no matter who you are or when you were born, is to believe in everything it stands for. Rebellion, love, hope, fearlessness - these are the things we’re made of.

We make thoughtful, soulful clothing that captures that spirit because you should wear clothes that make you feel something. We carefully choose our fabrics, cuts, graphics and colors - everything we make means something to us.

Whether it’s a legend, a joke, a memory or an idea, every item we make starts with a story.

Where good stories start.

 Daydreamers know who they are. They indulge in serendipity. They say yes just to see where it takes them. They’re women and girls that take the risk and go for it. Just like Laura, they eventually find their way to their destination, but maybe with a few fun detours first.

Yes, you should eat it. Yes, you should text back. Yes, you should chase it. Yes, you should find what you’re looking for.

Yes, dare to daydream. Daydreamers make things happen.