When Los Angeles native Laura Stang met her future husband Jason O’Dell at a bar back in 2001, the 22 year-old didn’t know she was meeting her ultimate match. From that serendipitous occurrence emerged not only the lifestyle brand Porridge, but Silverlake boutique Bucks & Does and their new namesake line, The ODells.

Together, they grew Porridge from the whimsical clothing line Laura launched in 2003 into an indie fashion tour de force that also includes home accessories such as wallpaper. But for these intrepid dreamers, there are always new mountains to climb...new projects to take on. And luckily, they dream in unison.

Now there is the couple’s new line, The ODells. Laura states, “With The ODells, we offer flowing silhouettes, as well as tailored pieces like that great shrunken blazer you want to wear all the time. Our customer is a woman who wants to look chic yet effortless – not like she spent two hours planning her outfit. She’s thrown-together yet always polished.”

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